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The Press release of the program in Greece

We are pleased to announce that the General Lyceum of Melesses is participating in the European programme ERASMUS+ΚΑ229SchoolExchangePartnerships (2019-2021) for the next two years.
The programme Erasmus+ KA229, entitled“ExploringandEnjoying the Natural and Cultural Heritage”,is a partnership of 5 European countries, co-ordinated by the Czech school Gymnazium Kromerizand supported by partner schools in Hungary (Tamasi Beri Balogh Adam KatolikusGimnazium, Kollegium, AltalanosIskola es Ovoda), Bulgaria(Vasil Levski Comprehensive School), Italy (Istituto Istruzione SuperioreLiceo Medi), and the General Lyceum of Melessesin Greece.
The programme aims to cultivate a sense of respect to the natural and cultural heritage among participating students, teachers and the local community. Awareness is raised through group work, hands-on activities and visits to areas of unique natural and cultural interest. New Technologies will be used extensively in the execution stage of the planned activities. …